Team:Shasta Summit CA/Safety




While we were brain storming, testing, and experimenting we were at all times supervised by Dr. Nick Kapp and/or Dr. Chris Vulpe.

  • We were required to wear a form of safety glasses and at one point lab coats when it was found necessary.

  • We were taught and expected to hold and use each individual piece of equipment correctly, even if we were not going to use the equipment that same day.

  • For the most part all our procedures were safe to complete without any injury or problems.

  • Our planned outcome will have no public or environmental safety issues. Our end result will only be dangerous if you were to use it as a projectile.

  • If the E. Coli was released into the environment there would be no dangerous effects to come of it.
  • When we plan to test our final product of the double plasmid we will contain it in a controlled environment. We will place in the plasmid and after sealing off a containment unit we will insert the CO through a sealed tube.