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We researched the possible options for the project, including a biofuel project and a stud-finder using magnetic bacteria. We were the ones who decided which project to go forward with, making our choice based on simplicity, cost, and likelihood of success. We split into groups of two or three to find the necessary parts after discussing what would be required. Our mentors guided us towards reputable sources of information; however, we did the actual research. Once we had found the necessary parts, we obtained them from the DNA distribution kit and we synthesized the additional parts not available as a biobrick. In order to design the new parts, we attained sequence information from NCBI and renowned literature. We used tools available online for optimiziing the codons for ''E. coli''. Our mentors ordered the gBlocks at IDT that we had designed. Our mentors provided us with the lab equipment and taught us how to correctly use it, which they had acquired from Skyline College. We did all of the lab work, from pipetting DNA to running said DNA through a gel electrophoresis to plating a transformation of our DNA into bacteria. We designed multiple posters for our different outreaches, and then one of our teammate's father printed it at his print shop. During the outreach, the presentations and activities were designed and executed by us.

The Wiki

The wiki was primarily created and maintained by Aslan Nguyen; however, Jimmy Lujan and William McEachen proofread and revised the content.