Team:Shasta Summit CA/Outreach




Expanding Your Horizon

On March 15th we went to Skyline College to be part of the Expanding Your Horizons program. Expanding Your Horizons is a series of workshops designed to encourage more young women to enter the realms of science and math, as currently the gender ratios in those subjects are not 50/50. We introduced future high schoolers to the idea of synthetic biology. Over the course of our three workshops, we used an interactive model to simulate how a plasmid is synthesized and the parts in it, introducing the young women to the basics of synthetic biology.

Poster Presentation at Skyline College

On April 24th, we gave a poster presentation about our team's goal and synthetic biology overall at Skyline College Annual Research Symposium. There were students and professors of Skyline and of other colleges, and other invited guests from the biotech industry. It was a full day of scientific demonstrations and presentations.

Poster Presentation at San Mateo Library

On June 16th, we presented to a group of officials from San Mateo County and friends of the library, about our project at San Mateo Library.