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Lab Safety Programs

Safety Issue

People who conduct the programs involved in genetic engineering and related materials have to follow the regulation under Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. (Safety Guide for the Lab of Genetic Engineering)


Safety Training

First we went to a biolab in National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) for some training. Before entering the lab, we had a lesson concerning the safety for working in a biolab, which follows the regulation of Center for Environmental Protection & Occupational Safety and Health in NCHU (Safety Program in NCHU).


Later we have an iGEM biolab in Mindao High School. We followed the regulation issued by BioLab Office in Mindao (BioSafety in Mingdao). The advisor and the lab administrator gave a lesson for us before we were doing the iGEM project.


Safety Precaution and Equipment


The genetically engineered bacteria with recombinant DNAs were sterilized before discarded.

Laminar Flow Table

The bacteria were manipulated in the laminar flow cabinet.

Latex Glove & Laboratory Coat

We wear gloves and coats for doing the experiments.

Fire Extinguisher

We have several extinguishers if there’s a fire.

Emergency Shower & Eyewash

We have emergency shower and eyewash equipment if there’s any necessaries.



Pei-Hong Chen, the instructor of Mingdao iGEM Team, is always with us when we are doing experiments for the project.

Cai-Ying Lin, the laboratory administrator of Mingdao, prepared the experimental materials and cared for the wastes we left after doing the experiments.


Lab Safety Protocols

The lab safety protocols that we have consulted and used as a reference could be found using the following links:

Mingdao High School Lab Safety Protocol

Safety Guide for the Lab of Genetic Engineering, published by the National Science Committee

NCHU safety program



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