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Odor- Let it Die

You can view our videos here, instead of going to YouTube

Let it Die- Cover by Hsuan-Chen Lu

iGEM and food-waste themed "Let it Go" Cover

Animation - Introduction and Project Overview

Food waste odor, the spoilage bacteria,the design of our BioBricks, and the process of genetically engineering bacteria.

Quick Project Overview

We created a genetically engineered bacterium to kill the spoilage bacteria, decompose the food waste, and suicide when accomplishing the mission.

iGEM Mingdao 2014 Short Film Trailer

Food waste disaster spreads, and the princess of iGEM kingdom and iGEMers save the world with the genetically engineered bacteria

Memory Slideshow

We have a lot of iGEM human practices, outreaches, workshops, visits and meetings and multimedia. Importantly, we also have a lot of fun on doing iGEM project.

Team Mingdao visiting Taipei

Documentary of us going to Taipei and visiting Tri-I biotechnology company, meeting with TAS and NCTU iGEM teams, and having fun. 5/14/14



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