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Odor- Let it Die
Human Pracices

Collaboration with iGEM university teams

We have collaborated with iGEM university teams and requested parts from them. Bacillus strains from LMU-Munich, light detecting gene from NCTU-Formosa, and pigment genes from Uppsala-Sweeden.

Outreach to Mingdao Junior High Department

With the intention to find our successors next year, we had a speech introducing iGEM and the ideas behind our project to Mingdao Junior High Department. The participants are mostly grade 9 students, and they were very interested with iGEM. Operation is succesfful

Meeting with experts

Getting ideas from experts is important, with this idea in mind, our team visited Dr. Chun-Hsien Lin from Department of Entomology to discuss about antimicrobial peptides. We also visited Dr. Chein-Wei Chen from Taichung Agricultural Improvement Center to see how food waste decomposes and what would happen under different circumstances.

Dr. Chein-Wei Chen from Taichung Agricultural Improvement Center.

Dr. Chun-Hsien Lin from Department of Entomology

Pre-project training

Before trying to achieve anything, we had several workshops about cloning, web design, pipette usage, and computer modeling. We make sure that we have enough background knowledge so that we wouldn't mess up anything.

Web design crash course

Pipette usage course

3 Day cloning workshop

Computer modeling crash course

Food waste sniff test

Subjects from grade 11 class 12 assisted in helping us evaluate the level of the noisome odor by performing a sniff test. Disclaimer: participants are volunteered into this test and iGEM Mingdao take no responsibility for any consequences.

Visit of other iGEM teams

We are very interested in contacting TAS iGEM, as we both are the first iGEM teams from Taiwan to participate in the high school division. In order to do this, we went over to Taipei and said hi to them. We exchanged ideas about their and our projects. We also got the chance to visit NCTU iGEM and listen to their plan for iGEM this year.

YouTube Channels, music, short films, and animations

We tried to promote iGEM to the general public. We created short films, remade the Frozen song "Let it Go", made animations, and managed social networks; we have a google+ page and a YouTube channel.



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