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The parts registry website is an awesome tool for finding information about parts we use in the lab. We consistently used it in the lab to retrieve information about the parts such as the length of sequence and part type. In the lab, we did not have easy access to a full desktop computer; therefore we used our mobile devices to search up parts about information. However, we found it to be a big nuisance using the parts registry on our mobile devices. But to be honest, the parts registry does not look aesthetically pleasing on mobile devices. Furthermore, you need to constantly zoom in and out and pan around to access the information. To make it even more difficult, in the lab we usually had our hands full and we could only use one hand to navigate the website on our mobile devices. Pretty soon, this got incredibly frustrating and we came with the idea to create a mobile app for the parts registry.

When we were designing the app, we kept in to keep the app’s user interface as simple and clean as possible, while still keeping the app aesthetic. This will ensure easy access to the information and the best user experience as the user will be able to find the information they need, in a nice, efficient manner.

We plan on adding cool features to this app including a service that allows you to print and email part information, download parts for offline usage, as well as virtually displaying the on a DNA ladder. We plan on making this app available for free on the Apple app store. The app will only be available on iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads as we ran into problems creating the app on other platforms. But that is not to say that other platforms won’t be supported in the future.


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The App in Action.

Download App from iTunes Appstore

Download our app source files

App is released under the Copyleft license (For more information, go to

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