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Safety First!

Saving the world starts with saving yourself. You cannot save the world unless you’re in good shape.

Safety rules for MRSA project can be complicated. The safety rules must not be confusing; they should be straightforward, consistent and intuitive to ensure that members follow them, because how can you expect anyone to follow the rules they do not understand?

The rule of thumb is:

1. Start with reading Safety Questions for overview.

2. Follow Elan Vital Safety Rules all the time.

3. Before working with MRSA, read WHO BSL3 Guidelines again and strictly follow them.

4. Before entering the laboratory, read GMS General Safety Rules and GMS Extra Rules again and follow them (Remember, this is a real-life medical lab of Gacheon Medical School, with all sorts of cutting-edge, mission-critical equipment. Here, rules are MEANT to be followed!)

5. If you are unsure of the rules or confused, ASK COACH and INSTRUCTOR before doing anything.