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Elan Vital Safety Rule

Since our lab has been conducting dangerous germs, we have strictly followed domestic regulations established by Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Korea Society of Infectious Disease. Thanks to the carful implementation of the safety rules, we have no infection-related health-threating cases reported since our lab has been established.

Gacheon University Medical Center has its own biosafety committee and conducts regular investigation for the implementation of safety rules and guidelines. During the audit and investigation, the committee evaluates that all national rules and regulations as well as university imposed rules are well kept and present recommendations.

Student experimenting under the safety rules above

For the high school iGEM team, we specifically established the following rules & regulations:

1. Do not enter the laboratory or work in the laboratory without an instructor or mentor present.

2. Dress appropriately for lab, which may include wearing gown, long pants, gloves, goggles, and closed shoes. No loose closing. Long hair should be tied back.

3. Do not take food, drink, gum or cosmetics into the lab.

4. Wear appropriate eye protection at all times and inform the instructor if you wear contact lenses.

5. Familiarize yourself with the location and usage of safety equipment in the lab.

6. Notify the instructor or mentor immediately of any unsafe conditions you observe.

7. Always engage in safe behavior in the lab (no playing arond, running, yelling, or throwing things, etc.)

8. Perform only experiments authorized by the instructor or mentor.

9. Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully. If you do not understand a direction or part of a procedure, ask the instructor or mentor before proceeding.