Team:Elan Vital South Korea/l gel electrophorosis


Gel Elecrophorosis

a. Put 1g of Nusieve® GTG® Agarose in an Erlenmeyer flask.

b. Put 1g of Seakem® LE Agarose in the same Erlenmeyer flask.

c. Add 1 ×TBE until it reaches the 100ml mark on the Erlenmeyer flask.

d. Heat in microwave oven for 2 minutes.

e. Cool the gel slightly, then pour it into the gel electrophoresis mold.

f. Add the comb to the rectangular mold so that the gel forms wells.

g. Load 3μl of the marker* into the first well.

h. Mix 3μl of each sample with stain** and load into the other wells.

i. Connect the circuit and confirm that the mixture moves down.

j. Put in Gel image analyzer and observe results.

* marker: ‘100bp DNA ladder’ from Invitrogen.

** Safe-GreenTM from abm.