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Lab Protocol Successes - Team OLeSsence


  • - Mastered use of pressure-steam autoclave for all sterilization/decontamination

    - Successful completion of the 3A Protocols, including:

- Restriction digest of plasmids
- Gel electrophoresis of plasmid digest (NB: No evidence of DNA on gel)
- Ligation protocol

  • - Routinely preparing our own LB-agar plates (with and without antibiotic) and LB broth for cell culture.

  • - Successful plating techniques for E. coli – routinely growing single colonies free from contamination using aseptic technique.

  • - Successfully growing cell cultures from individual colonies in DIY shaker/incubator

  • - Successfully grew E. coli cells (provided from iGEM) containing our parts (K098995 and J45119), including cell cultures.

  • - Mastered use of DIY Dremelfuge (confirming RPM with photogate) to pellet DNA

  • - Successfully mini-prepped both our parts to extract plasmid DNA

  • - Successfully used restriction digest protocols to cut our plasmids of interest, confirming presence of DNA strands of expected size via gel electrophoresis

*Need to build gel illuminator next year
  • - Successfully transformed RFP plasmid into competent cells (prepped by our mentors) to grow RFP colonies.

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