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Do It Yourself

1. Dremelfuge

2. Shaker Table/Incubator

3. Setting Up A New Lab


(Dremelfuge concept on-line from:
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Link to view/download dremelfuge video:

Dremelfuge No Lid

In to order fulfill our lab’s need for a centrifuge, the team decided to purchase a Dremel 3000 Variable Speed Tool. The tool has a nose cap with an integrated wrench that allows the nose cap to be used as a wrench allowing us to tighten different accessories of our choice. The Dremel tool has more of the appearance of a drill as opposed to the typical centrifuge seen in a lab.

Dremelfuge Side View

For additional safety precautions, we cut a paint can to function as a protective barrier around the Dremelfuge. This prevents any objects from flying out of the device and causing harm within the lab. This was a necessity as the tool rotates at very high speeds.

3D Printed Bit for Dremelfuge

Since it has the ability to hold different attachments, the Dremel tool can be used for cutting, grinding, sanding, carving and polishing. Within our lab, its main purpose was a centrifuge. We ordered a 3D printed Dremelfuge piece (pictured left) to do this.

The Dremel tool has the capability of rotating at high and controlled speeds, a function that makes it a suitable centrifuge.

Dremelfuge RPM Data

Costs for dremelfuge (shipping, currency conversion and taxes included)
$67.06 - 3D dremelfuge bit from
$176.09 – Dremel rotary tool and drill press stand from


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Detailed plans for our shaker table/incubator can be found at

Shaker Table/Incubator Top View Shaker Table/Incubator Inside View

Link to view/download shaker table/incubator video:

We started off by purchasing a 4 x 8 foot particle board and cut it to pieces, creating 6 16x48 inch rectangles. We cut one of the the rectangles with the dimensions of 16x16, and another one in half to make the door and created a rectangular box by gluing them together and stapling them afterwards using a staple gun. We drilled 4 holes on one side being the top and this was where the platform was suspended with the use of fish lines. Next we drilled a hole on the 16x16” side to make a hole for the plugins.
We used a record player to simulate the same effect as a shaker table. We used cyanoacrylate and glued nuts to the spinning platform of the record player. We then used the corresponding bolt and drilled the a hole through the platform with the diameter just a bit bigger than the diameter of the bolt. 

Record player

With the box and the record player and platform assembled we just needed a heat source and a fan to dissipate the heat. We used a thermostat to set the temperature for the light bulb for the heat source. Initially we used computer fans to try and circulate the temperature. We ended up using a regular fan because the computer fans showed no progress.. 

Incubator Prototype 1 Incubator Prototype Top View

However, because of fire hazards and the risk of mould growth, we had to choose different materials for the box. We ended up purchasing a plastic container with roughly the same dimensions. Since the box had a lid, we had to construct a frame to hang the fish wires that was later changed into chains. Since the record player was too big for everything to fit, we decided to strip all the unnecessary parts, (cd drive, lights, button mechanisms, etc.) and kept only the motor that spun the platform and the base. We then attached the base to the bottom of the plastic container through nuts and bolts. We attached the spinning platform with the motor using the same technique. However, since we did not have a power source for the motor, we used the 15V power supply to make it spin. We soldered one end of the alligator clips to the circuit board in order for everything to work. 

disassembled record player

Air Temperature

Incubator Air Temperature Data

Water Temperature

Incubator Water Temperature Data


Setting Up a New Lab

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Setting Up Your Own Lab for $4500
Item or Equipment Where Acquired From Cost
Fridge/Freezer (-20 and +4) Already at school Free

Fume Hood

Fume Hood

Already at school Free

Pipettes (p10, 20, 200, 1000)

Pipettes $225.00



Donated from other Junior High (JPII Okotoks) Free

Centrifuge - Bigger Tubes 2,300 rpm


Donated from other High School (HTA Okotoks) Free
Incubator/Shaker Table DIY $100.00
Dremelfuge - Smaller tubes 5,000 - 25,000 rpm DIY $245.00
Microwave Donated (The Morgans) Free


PCR Machine

Ordered eBay $789.49
Gel electrophorisis School council Free
Lab stock University of Calgary List Below $2931.77
List of Materials
Total Total $4291.26
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