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Registry Parts

Name Type Description Designer(s) Length
BBa_R0010 Regulatory Promoter (lacl regulated). An inverting regulator sensitive to Lacl and CAP. Antiquity 200
BBa_B0034 RBS Based on Elowitz repressilator Mahajan,Marinescu, Brian Chow, Wissner-Gross and Carr 12
BBa_K398006* Coding Medium-Chain Aldehyde Dehydrogenase; functions as an octamer. Mathias Voges 1494
BBa_K398005* Coding A medium-chain alcohol dehydrogenase from the thermophile Bacillus thermoleovorans Mathias Voges, Hugo F. Cueto Rojas 750
BBa_B0015 Terminator Double terminator (B0010-B0012) Reshma Shetty 129
BBa_E0040 Coding Green fluorescent protein derived from jellyfish Aequeora victoria wild-type GFP jcbraff 720

*Note: The aldehyde and alcohol dehydrogenases will both be tested separately as to determine which is more effective. The GFP is the marker that will distinguish this.