Team:Montgomery Cougars NJUSA


Montgomery iGEM

Motivated by the lack of outlets for students to explore their passions for biological research, students from Montgomery High School created their own iGEM team in the 2013-2014 academic year to gain firsthand experience in synthetic biology. While the beginning of the season presented numerous obstacles, Montgomery iGEM has developed into a successful club with over 30 active members who are all motivated by the endless possibilities that scientific innovation presents.

Our club stemmed from a desire to provide students with hands-on laboratory experience. While popular clubs in our school such as Robotics and Science Olympiad provide great opportunities for students to explore and learn about new fields of science and engineering, students previously did not have the opportunity to engage in wet laboratory practices. We created this team to provide students with a firsthand look into the strikingly innovative field of synthetic biology and an opportunity to innovate. We strive to further student interest in science and increase students' exposure to fields that they might not have explored otherwise. Our iGEM program is creating the next generation of doctors, biomedical engineers and innovators, a generation with a genuine desire to help make the world a better place.

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