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Species of Interest

The Montgomery iGEM species. What an enigma.


The Montgomery iGEM team species can often be found gathered in a mystical place called the "library". They exhibit a variety of peculiar behaviors including sitting with their textbooks propped open but not actually reading what's in them. Despite the rule banning food and drinks in the library, these young delinquents secretly munch on delectable snacks while hiding from scary librarians.


In their free time, the members of the Montgomery iGEM species can be found doing various things, including procrastinating on homework, watching Sherlock, Korean dramas, or anime. They also derive much pleasure in carrying out normal human behaviors such as eating (sweet things preferably) and sleeping (more than 6 hours if lucky). Researchers still cannot understand how these creatures can function with an average of only 5 hours of sleep. Their colleagues in the Robotics and Science Olympiad teams are equally perplexed by this strange behavior.


The Montgomery iGEM is a voracious species. Certain members can be found eating all throughout the day. They mostly prey on junk food, such as the Cheetos Fantastix: Chili Cheese and kettlecorn popcorn. On rare occasions, such as birthdays, when the members are feeling particularly productive, they bake and feast on homemade brownies and macarons.


A large majority of members of the Montgomery iGEM species participate in track and field. Although this activity frequently results in shin splints and unfashionable sock tans, they still continue to do track. Why they would willingly suffer through countless hours of workouts and abs remains a mystery to researchers...

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Our very own Cindy Fan and Robert Dembinski!

This past May, the species was traumatized by a plague known as the APs. After the AP plague, a few of the members were infected with a fatal disease called senioritis. Symptoms of senioritis include prolonged daytime naps, indifference, and severe procrastination. Research shows that the average amount of time spent watching TV increased by 200% in those unfortunate enough to be infected. Consumption rate also increased immensely, and the body fat to muscle ratio became alarmingly large.


All in all, the Montgomery iGEM species can be characterized as docile, amicable creatures that revel in the fact that science can better their lives. They may sometimes steal your chips and fries, but other than that, they are pretty much harmless (this is an extremely broad generalization, so please note that there are exceptions). They are an intelligent group of creatures (again, this is a generalization). Perhaps one day, they will be able to genetically alter their brains to actually do well on tests.


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Vivian, Cindy, & Tiffany Ankit & Rob Cindy, Vivan, Tiffany, & Emily
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Emily & Vivian Yesh & Aman Junlan & Joanna
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Shannon & Joanna Susan, Vivian, Tiffany, Matt, & Avi Cindy, Susan, Emily, & Tiffany
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Sarah & Yuan Pankti, Neha, & Susan Casey & David