Team:Montgomery Cougars NJUSA/Extras/Acknowledgements



First and foremost, we would like to thank our college advisor Gavin Kuziel for introducing us to iGEM and helping to get our team started. Without his initial support, iGEM would not have existed. We also extend our gratitude toward our advisor Mr. Resch, who was kind enough to supervise the team every week. He was constantly filling out our paperwork, and we are grateful for his time commitment. He also provided the room and lab equipment with which we worked during the labs, and for that we are truly grateful to be able to have our own meeting space. Additionally, we appreciate the help and expertise of Mr. Pendleton and Mr. Sullivan, whose advice facilitated our introduction into laboratory research. Because of the guidance of the aforementioned advisors, we greatly enjoyed our first ventures into synthetic biology amd gained a lot of insight into scientific research. Many of us hope to pursue careers in science and our experiences in iGEM will be extremely valuable as we strive to make a difference in people’s lives - science has great potential for solving the world’s problems and iGEM has allowed us to begin to realize its capacity.

Gavin Kuziel
Mr. Resch
Mr. Sullivan, Science Supervisor