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COs are in air, everywhere!

Killing every person, silently…

Hey iGEM, we stay silent to this?

We came, to save humanity!

What sort of foe this is, sneaky…

Grudges our lives, stingy!

Even takes away the ones most lovely,

It won’t anymore put saddles on our backs!

Hey CO, don’t you pity to children?

Leaking from all stoves, heaters

Poisoning the sleeping ones slyly

By inhibiting their enzymes.

Enough of it, what’s that suffer?

We’re finding an aid against you!

With bacteria, we’ll convert all of you

One by one to CO2.

Into every house you try to get in

Our bacteria will come in.

Even if you go in to one bravely,

They’ll warn every person, with colors!

Are over the days you take lives!

Stay in past these all weak states!

Everlasting is the created masterpiece!

At last, we got rid of your sorrow.





It calls people to MIT,

Go, it says; to synthetic biology…

Ever a nice project goes there,

Medals is what it gets: Bronze, silver, gold…