First and foremost, we would like to thank to METU iGEM Team for showing extreme support, sharing their knowledge and experience whenever we needed it. They let us use their equipment and labs, supervised us all the time! So huge credit goes to METU iGEM Team.


Find out more about METU iGEM following this link.

Huge thanks to these people. Below their name, you can see why there were so important to us!


Okan Tezcan


-Guidance and lab work


Selin Su Yirmibeşoğlu


-Protocols and lab work


İlkem Kumru


-Wiki design and modelling


Ayça Çırçır


-Lessons about molecular biology


Melike Dönertaş


-Mathematical modelling and chracterization


Wiki design and mathematical model programming, the events listed in the human practices, lab work was done by the METU HS iGEM Team with the help of listed people given. There were no 3rd parties involved in the system design, modelling and wiki design. All content used is work of METU HS iGEM Team unless stated opposite.