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StuyGem NYC

Our Wonderful Sponsors

New England Biolab (NEB)

Thanks to New England Biolabs for graciously providing us with a BioBrick Assembly Kit that included T4 Ligase, T4 Ligase Buffer, 4 digestion enzymes (EcoI, SpeI, XpaI, PstI), competent cells, and 2log ladders.
Mission: Founded in the mid-1970s as a collective of scientists committed to developing innovative products for the life sciences industry, New England Biolabs is now a recognized world leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research.

Stuyvesant High School

Thanks to Stuyvesant High School for the support and advice of its teaching staff during the work process, and in helping guide us to fulfill our requirements. In addition, the school provided generous funding that we needed to pay for necessities in lab.
Mission: Stuyvesant High School has been a symbol of excellence in education for over a century. The mission of this institution is to continue and enhance that commitment by providing an environment which will nurture and enhance the special academic talents of the students admitted to Stuyvesant. Its goal is to instill the intellectual, moral and humanistic values necessary for each child to achieve his/her maximum potential as a student and as a caring citizen of the world.


Thanks to Genspace for furnishing us with a well-equipped lab space in which to carry out our experiments. In particular, special thanks go out to Dr. Ellen Jorgensen for the time she spent mentoring us and making sure we didn't blow up the lab. The cooperative atmosphere of Genspace and attitude of its members was certainly appreciated since it made us more relaxed and capable of doing work efficiently.
Mission: Genspace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting citizen science and access to biotechnology. At a community biotechnology lab they opened in Brooklyn, New York. They offer members the unique opportunity to work on their own projects and experience the joy and wonder of science firsthand.

Lasker Foundation

Thanks to the Lasker Foundation for their generous donation to help cover the costs of iGEM.
Mission: The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation desires to improve health by accelerating support for medical research through recognition of research excellence, public education and advocacy.

Blavatnik Family Foundation

Thanks to the Blavatnik Family Foundation for their generous donation, to help cover the costs of iGEM.
Mission: The Blavatnik Family Foundation aim to identify and encourage promising young scientists early in their careers, when they are most in need of funding and recognition. The intense competition for funding presents a growing challenge for scientific researchers—those who receive financial support are in a better position to bolster their early research efforts and are more likely to identify solutions to the most complex scientific questions and to some of society’s most pressing problems.

Life Technologies

Thanks to Life Technologies for donating a large 250 reaction mini prep kit.
Mission: To support scientists worldwide, we offer high-quality, innovative life science solutions—from everyday essentials to instruments—for every lab, every application.


Thanks to Synbiota for providing us a free private membership to their amazing website, which we were able to use to keep our lab notes organized and readily accessible.
Mission: Helping scientists make big discoveries faster, cheaper, and global.

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