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StuyGem Team Members

Lots of people, just lots.
9 Students
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Jeffrey Horenstein

Ellen Jorgensen

Katty Wu

Jacky Cheung

Andrei Talaba

Qiu Chang Wu

Justin Chen

Shi Hui Ng

Jorge Reyes

Kelvin Mei

Miranda Halle


Wetlab Team

Performed lab protocols, such as inoculation, miniprep, digestion, PCR, ligation, transformation, gel extraction, and spectroscopy; these are documented on Synbiota. Katty Wu, Jacky Cheung, Andrei Talaba, Jorge Reyes, Qiu Chang Wu, Justin Chen, Shi Hui Ng, Miranda Halle

Coding Team

Kelvin Mei: He helped write the code for the wiki page by using HTML, CSS, and Java Script. Andrei Talaba: He organized how the content will be presented on the wiki page. Jorge Reyes: He helped to transfer the text onto the wiki page by using HTML and CSS.

Wiki Content Team

Wrote the content for the iGEM Registry pages for each biobrick part. Katty Wu, Jacky Cheung

Photography/Filming Team

Andrei Talaba: He took photos of the members and filmed our video for the Lasker Foundation.

Animation Team

Qiu Chang Wu: She drew computer animations of bacteria dying from sunlight exposure. These animations were used on the website. She tried to make them as cute as possible.

Adult Help

Ellen Jorgensen: She mentored the group about how to work in the lab and the safety precautions that are required in Biosafety Level 1. Jeffrey Horenstein: He kept the group on schedule and planned the trip to the iGEM Jamboree.


Victor Jiao: He helped code the website. Michael Lim: He gave advice for coding the website. Angela Wu: She is a student from Bronx Science High School who gave emergency coding help. Zayadur Khan: He is a student from Bronx Science High School who gave emergency coding help. Cooper Union iGEM Team: They provided biobrick enzymes and pcr beads at the last hour when our set was used up. They also graciously offered the fluorimeter for our use to qualitatively test our GFP constructs. Zara Leventhal: She designed StuyGEM team’s logo. Rebecca Gorla: She assembled the team and advised us on our ideas. Anne Manwell: She advised team on laboratory techniques. Jessica Quenzer: She helped to assemble the team. Jonathan Gastel: He introduced iGEM to us. David Chen: He helped with wet lab work. Camilla Vincent: She helped with wet lab work.

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