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Mohammad Harige

I am 17 years old, from Persia and I study, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Economics. I am striving to study medicine and hopefully become a neurologist.
In my spare time I love to listen to music and play football. I am taking part in iGEM as it will allow me to acquire the skills I may need within the duration of medical school (if I get in).

Ardit Hashani

I’m from the small country of Kosovo in Eastern Europe. I study Biology, Chemistry, History and Mathematics at college. I am aspiring for a successful career in Chemistry after finishing university in England. I spend my free time playing football and I love listening to music. I am taking part in iGEM to improve and develop my practical skills, as well as gain a deep insight into the field of synthetic biology.

Abigail Diaz

I'm part of the Wiki team (I spend more than enough time on the Internet already, anyway). I enjoy biology, chemistry, and procrastination. I wanted to be a part of iGEM to be able to get some extra hands-on experience in labs and working around biology, and to get some skills in different areas such as the human practices and wiki.

Athena Kourti

I’m 18 years old and aspire to study biochemistry specifying in molecular biology to become a geneticist. I currently study maths, biology, chemistry and psychology at A2 level and am involved in IGEM to gain experience and knowledge on what I plan to study as well as taking part in an interesting opportunity.

Anna Krowitz

I recently moved to London from South Africa. As well as science subjects I am studying A-level art. I think that the combination of art and science is exciting and I often find inspiration for my art projects in biology class. I have been involved mostly with designing the logos and presentation for the team.

Jessica Balliao

I am currently studying biology, chemistry, mathematics and philosophy at AS level and am hoping to study medicine at university. In my spare time I visit galleries and museums religiously and make the most of what London has to offer. iGem for me was an amazing opportunity, the hands on experience and skills I gained in the labs are invaluable and has enriched my knowledge beyond the AS syllabus.

Hashim Sharif

I am really interested in astrobiology and want to study it further at university. I'm really excited about the potential of synthetic biology to help us understand and colonise new planets. I've been a part of iGem for two years now and have learnt an awful lot from it that I hope to use in the future.

Eniola Sokalu

I love all aspects of biology and synthetic biology has shown me the potential for solutions to all sorts of problems in the future. I particularly like being involved in the human practice aspect and communicating these ideas to others. I've also been involved in iGem for two years and have had a lot of fun being part of the team.

Aurelija Grigonyte

I am a graduating Biochemist, about to start a synthetic biology PhD. My key role is coordinating the team, and in the characterisation and construction of Biobricks. I am interested in iGEM as it combines both a new field of synthetic biology as well as interdisciplinary research.

Josie Ferreira

I am a biochemistry student about to graduate and start my PhD in Immunity and Infectious diseases. I think iGEM is amazing as it gives young people the ability to think beyond the scope of a classroom or lecture theatre and emphasizes the importance of creativity in the scientific world.

Bethan Wolfenden

I am studying biochemistry, and responsible for coordinating the human practice aspect of iGEM as well as sponsorship.I love the potential of iGEM; by taking part in an undergradute-led research project, we get to truly experience the responsibility and independence of academic life.

Miss Laura Price

Hello, I’m Miss Price, head of biology at UCL Academy and this is the second year I’ve supervised the UCL Academy IGEM team. I am fascinated by the applications of synthetic biology and can’t wait to see what changes will be made to the world by these IGEM high school students in the future.

Hadiza Auta

I am a 3rd year PhD student in Biochemical Engineering Dept. at UCL. I focuse on the down stream processing of microalgae for biodiesel production. Due to the environmental hazards posed by fossil fuels, an alternative source of energy that is sustainable and can favourably compete with fossil energy is needed. I aim to use ultra-scale down engineering principles for rapid process development. By improving the technology of production of microalgae biofuels, we are hopeful that very soon algae will produce enough energy to fit the worlds demand.

Desmond Schofield

I am an EngD student in the Department of Biochemical Engineering at UCL working on the production of a biotherapeutic protein for a novel cancer therapy. I enjoy interdisciplinary work and the application and commercialisation of scientific concepts. I am excited to be involved with iGEM highschool.

Alex Templar

Alex is a third year EngD Biochemical Engineering student at UCL. His research focuses on improving PCR technology. He enjoys the spirit of iGEM and this is his third time mentoring an iGEM team.

Darren Nesbeth

Darren is a lecturer at Biochemical Engineering department at UCL. Darren teaches applied molecular and cellular biology to undergraduates and Masters students. He also spearheads UCL participation in the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition and serves as a competition judge. He initiated the collaboration between UCL and UCL Academy and acted as a supervisor for our iGEM team.