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Laboratory Open Day of Team:Shenzhen SZMS was held on May 14, 2014, in which students from our school, Shenzhen Middle School, were invited to visit our laboratory at Room C201. They can see our equipment freely, and we offered a chance to some 40 students that they could try doing agarose gel electrophoresis.



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We had been preparing for the Day since May 7, when the first edition of the plan was made. According to this plan we would arrange 2 rounds of do-it-yourself courses in which the students are offered a chance to try some experiments which we often do. Other main activities include introducing synthetic biology and iGEM.

We began propaganda work on May 10 Saturday by publishing the news on WeChat, a famous social network app in China. We also published our contact information, and the places of first round were almost filled in 6 hours. A lot of students spread the news by forwarding it. Three posters were also published with the news. On two of the posters write "Laboratory Open Day" and the time, while the third one tells how to apply to take part in the experiments. What's more, we printed the posters and posted them in school.


At 4 PM on May 14, 2014, we opened the door of our lab and brought the visitors in. First of all, Yufei Jing, Yang Zhang and Ziyun Ye instructed about the instruments, the usage of instruments, and lab safety rules. Then, the participants are divided into four groups to do the agar gel electrophoresis experiment under the tutoring of our team members. Other visitors are guided to a lab tour.

The electrophoresis is finished at about 5:10 PM. Some groups got significant results while some groups failed in the experiment. All of the participants are excited about experiencing new experiments and learning things out of the textbooks.

After the experiments, we gave all visitors post cards with our project comic pictures and the iGEM logo on. Moreover, we prepared two message boards for the visitors and they left messages there. Many students said that this experience helped them get a brand new view on biology and biological experiments.

Safety Protection

Matters needing attention for the Day.

We put the tutoring of lab safety as one of the most important part of the open lab day. In order to ensure the safety of visitors and experiment participants, we arranged the team members to guide the visitors at all time and offered lab safety instruction at the very beginning of this activity. The lab safety guidelines include:

  1. Do not eat in the lab!
  2. Do not touch the solutions without wearing gloves!
  3. Do not take out solutions from the refrigerator!
  4. Do not use the instruments without the guiding of our team members!

As a result of our arrangements, there are no reported ailments during and after this activity. However, since we did not emphasize about the correct usage of the pipette, one pipette was damaged due to false operation.


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