SKLBC-China-Documents You Are Recommended to Have!

  • 1.Download and install Wechat in App Store or by google play. Versions for other platform are provided on


  • 2.Sign up an accout.

  • 3.Scan QR code to use our service:

  • 4.Search a Biobrick by keywords. Eg:gfp. Just send @gfp to our WeiGEm+.

      The result is like this:

  • 5.View Biobrick catalog. Send c to WeiGEM+.

      You can view the catalog of Biobrick and detailed information of the biobrick

  • 6.Search articles on a topic. Eg: water. Just send #water to WeiGEM+.

    We will push articles related to the topic to you, Eg: water. Most articles are both in English and Chinese, a large percentage of our users are Chinese.

  • 7.If you send the wrong command. We will give you a detailed instruction.