SKLBC-China-This Is Our Team!

Ica Riluci(Yuhua Wei)  Our INTELLIGENT webpage coder and art designer.

Benny(Yuzhou Tong)  Our OUTSTANGDING writer, organizer and art designer.

Wendy(Baiwei Huang)  Our GREAT organizer, writer and presenter.

Tommy(Zhengkun Zhang)  Our EXECELLENT writer, organizer.

Ivy(Haoying Huang)  Our AWESOME writer, organizer, publisher who is utterly enthusiastic.

Sophie Yip(Shangshang Ye)  Our OMNIPOTENT writer, organizer and presenter.

Icenowy(Xingda Zheng)  Our CHIEF coder, who is the genius of writing searching engines code.

Daisy(Shu Dan)  Our EXTRAODINARY presenter and writer.

Lillian(Yingyue Li)  Our CUTE art designer.


Lily(Li Li)  Our GREAT dear coach.

Charlie(Chenglin Qu)  Our MARVELOUS writer, organizer and presenter.

Peter(Junlin Zeng)  Our SPLENDIFEROUS presenter, writer and organizer.


Johnson(Peng Nie)  Our LOVERLY coach, who instructs in programming and wiki.

Zun(Zun Wang)  Our AMAZING organizer and writer.

Serious(Yan Zhuang)  Our ENDEARING coach who is in charge of usual affairs.