Team:SKLBC-China/Human Practice


SKLBC-China-Our Human Practice!

  People from all over the world tend to lose interest in science and they may regard science as something very complex and cannot be accepted. For example, people know recombinant DNA technologies, but they do not really understand it. They still hesitate to buy and eat transgenic product because of news and comments. These problems seem to be faced in the world when recombinant DNA technologies will be developed and used in many fields and disturb progress of synthetic biology. We are trying to solve the problem through our human practice and we will start in China, the country with the most people in the world.

  iGEM China Meetup was organized successfully in National Sciences Park(SYSU), Guangzhou on June 1st ( Sunday,Children's Day), 2014 by SKLBC-China team. It was an event organized by high school students and was taken part in by teams of the university and high school. Dr. James(Jun-Zhi Wen), in charge of SKLBC-China team chaired the meet-up. The teams also attended the meeting of the TEDx space, National Sciences Park about iGEM bioinfoamatics and synthetic Biology. Teams of SKLBC-China and SYSU-China gave the presentations to the audience, to introduce their iGEM experiences and projects. What is more? The teams were lucky to have Mr. Gary Yang, a professional speech coach in TEDxGuangzhou, gave a wonderful training for iGEM presentation. The teams learned a lot from the meet-up and the meeting of the TEDx space, got to learn about each other's projects, networks to develop human practice ideas.

Event In The Affiliated Hign School Of South Chinese Normal University

  On May 24th, our team organized an event, named Playing God, in the best high school in Guangzhou. The event aimed to do the popularization of synthetic biology. We tried to achieve our goal through games, an easy way for students to accept. We used a recently famous game, foldit, as the game. We first put our games in the computers in the school and we put up posters to attract students to come and play. The event lasted for 2 hours . And the participants gave good comments on the event. They said they know much about protein and have the experience of being a god, making something about life. That is the magical power that synthetic biology get and that is also what we want to spread.

  This is a successful experience. It is our first event and we find games a very good way to do the science popularization. Game made everything easy. We were very glad to see the participants have learn what we want them to learn and it is also what they need to learn. It is a good start and we are looking forward to organizing more events like this.