Our Sponsors

Thank You

The Central Memorial High School iGEM team would like to thank all our generous sponsors:

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures along with their geekStarter program facilitates the growth of technical industries by supporting quality research in Alberta's particular fields of expertise. These include nanotechnology, information communication technology, and genomics. AITF works in joint effort with entrepreneurs and researchers to ensure that Alberta’s technologies can be sustained at a business level through commercialization and growth. This is accomplished by ensuring that useful products, protocols and services are delivered to meet global demands.

Central Memorial High School

Central Memorial High School is a diverse place for students all around the city to explore and express their passions and talents. Central offers several programs such as National Sport Academy, Performing and Visual Arts, Advanced Placement, and Leading-edge CTS programming. Students are drawn to Central because of its dynamic and diverse learning experiences and unique variety of programs. The academic program is spirited and challenging at all levels. Central Memorial offers personalized learning opportunities ensuring each student is able to experience a variety of rich learning experiences that fit his or her learning needs and goals.