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Lion IGEM 2014 - The Fracking Run-Off Detector Project Phillips Exeter Academy

Educating Our Peers and Igniting Passion

Synthetic biology is a growing field, with boundless potential to change thousands of lives and to improve the world we live in. At PEA, we want to help advance the public's perception of synthetic biology by not just confining it to the lab, but by introducing it the masses, facilitating discussions and igniting interest. We've done this by guiding school-wide research projects, and raising awareness among our peers. We've set up si-RNA research in nematodes for our peers, and we hope to publish our findings this spring. We've organized club trips to bird sanctuaries, “Learn about Meiosis/Mitosis” sessions, and countless other things. As members of a distinguished synthetic biology team, we can all remember the first experiences in a lab that inspired us, and we hope to recreate this experience for others. By expanding the reach of synthetic biology, we can have an educated populace consider the benefits of the field of synthetic biology.