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Pouring a standart %1 agarose gel 1. Measure out 1g of agarose. 2. Pour agarose powder into microwavable flask along with 100mL of 1xTAE. 3. Microwave for 1-3min (until the agarose is completely dissolved). 4. Add 0.3 ul EtBr 5. Let agarose solution cool down for 5min. 6. Pour the agarose into a gel tray with the well comb in place. Loading Samples and Running an Agarose Gel: 1.Place the agarose gel into the gel box (electrophoresis unit). 2. Fill gel box with 1xTAE (or TBE) until the gel is covered. 3. Carefully load a molecular weight ladder into the first lane of the gel. 4. Carefully load your samples into the additional wells of the gel. 5. Run the gel at 100 V,30 min 6. Use the UV and get the results.