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  1. Keep all enzymes and buffers used on ice.
  2. Add 500ng of DNA to the appropriately labelled tube. Add distilled water to the tubes for a total volume of 40ul in each tube.

Pipet 5ul of NEB Buffer 2 to each tube. Calculation example (with 50ng/ul as DNA sample concentration):

500ng ÷ 50ng/ul = 10ul of DNA sample

50ul (total volume) – 10ul (DNA sample) = 40ul of distilled water

  1. Pipet 5ul of NEB Buffer 2 to each tube.
  2. Pipet 0.5ul of BSA to each tube.
  3. Add  1ul enzyme 1
  4. Add 1ul enzyme 2
  5. The total volume in each tube should be approximately 50ul. Mix well by pipetting slowly up and down.
  6. Incubate the restriction digests at 37°C for 35 minutes, then 80°C for 20 minutes.