Team:Lambert GA/Team


Lambert iGEM Team

The Lambert iGEM Team is the first High School iGEM team in the state of Georgia. This was possible thanks to our principal, Dr. Gary Davison, Dr. Mark Styczynski of Georgia Institute of Technology and the National Science Foundation Grant #1254382.


Nolan Ayers, Christina Bae, Tina Baek, Neha Balachandran, Elynna Chang, Hetty Chung, Jared Cook, Lily Ge, Jackson Harris, Janak Joshi, Giwoo Kim, Sue Kim, Kendall Lundberg, Kirsten Martin, Kristen Meers, Alex Moldenhawer, John Nesbit, Kahan Parekh, Preeya Parmar, Shahil Patel, Jas Pyneni, Sarah Rupert, Noor Sohal, Charita Veerapaneni, Chris Waites, Dugan Walker, Megan Walz, Megan Whitlach, Nick Whitlock, Rebecca Yan


Our team is sponsored by two wonderful teachers from the Lambert High School science department, Mrs. Janet Standeven and Mrs. Shelby Cochran. Mrs. Standeven teaches Environmental Science and Biotechnology, and Mrs. Cochran teaches Advanced Placement Biology.


Our team members brought many skills to the iGEM experience. We divided into committees to accomplish different tasks towards the project. Each committee was responsible for their area of expertise as well as contributing to other areas of work as needed. All team members were required to fulfill service hours during our Saturday tutoring with Next Generation Focus. We also elected officers to serve as positions of leadership.

President: Jared Cook

Vice presidents: Megan Whitlach and Kirsten Martin

Secretary: Noor Sohal and Charita Veerapaneni

Treasurer: Rebecca Yan

Lab Maintenance: Lily Ge

Safety Officer: Dugan Walker

Intern at Georgia Tech 2014: Christina Bae


Research: Jared, Christina, Nolan, Jackson and Chris

Wiki: Alex, Kahan, Jas, Neha, Christina, Elynna, Rebecca

Fundraising: Kendall, Jas, Shahil, Kristen

Outreach: Noor, Rebecca, Neha, Jackson

Labwork: Christina, Jared, Nick, Chris, Sarah, Lily

Video: Christina, Elynna, Noor, Rebecca

Special thanks: Sean Tackett for editing our music video and Noël Isaacson for singing in our music video. We are especially grateful to Dr. Brian Hammer, Dr. Mark Styczynski, The Styczynski research group: Dan, Mackenzie, Katie, Amy, Robb and Sugantha, and the GA Tech 2014 iGEM team for their advice and thoughtful questions for our practice presentations.

All wet lab experiments were completed by Christina, Jared, Lily, Nick, Chris, Jackson and Sarah. The project was completed by the high school students with guidance from the advisors and the Styczynski Lab. Wiki help was provided by Troy Von Beck of the GATech 2014 iGEM team.