Our Mentors

Akos Nyerges

I am a research associate at the Synthetic and Systems Biology Unit of Biological Research Centre (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) ( and also an MSc student in biology at the University of Szeged (Hungary). Here, we are mapping the underlying mechanisms of cellular organization and microbial evolution by utilizing the technological advances offered by the rapidly expanding field of synthetic and systems biology. My work targets the connection between the complementary disciplines of systems, synthetic and evolutionary biology; therefore I am focusing on strategies for high-throughput mutagenesis, genome and metabolic engineering to support in-depth investigation on aforementioned fields.

Sandor Ban

As a teacher of Biology my main purpose is to ensure an appropriately planned and organized Biology knowledge for every pupil. As a Head of Science Laboratory or Science Department my most important goal is to enhance the cooperative work of science teachers in order to carry out a well prepared Science Education for every pupil of the school / school district. I have chosen iGEM HS competition for my students because they can do science as a team work and because through this project they can have impression on how cutting edge science works nowadays.