Team:HTHS Trussville AL/Team Log


August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013:

1)Determine if the Pho Sensor is the one the group wants to use

2)Find the yeast plasmid vector to put the sequence into

3)Determine the restriction enzyme needed to cut the plasmid (and put the sequence in)

4)Get RFP (Red Fluorescent Protein) DNA sequence

5)Find and determine if the inverter DNA sequence will work

6)Gibson Assembly

7)Put plasmid through PCR

8)Test with electrophoresis

9)Cut sequences out of gels if working

10)Inject plasmid into yeast

11)Grow Yeast

12)Test Yeast

13)Develop standardization test for red color

14)Water quality test

September 17, 2013

To Dos:

1.)Download new software (Tinkercell and GENtle)

2.)Re-do Gantt chart

3.)Redraw plasmid

4.)Start a list of potential questions and problems

5.)Finish scholarly article reviews

6.)Put DNA sequences into software

-Find Pho 5 sequence and promoter

-Find RFP sequence

-Find plasmid

--Verify origin of replication --Verify antibiotic resistance --Antibiotic vs. antifungal

7.)Discuss restriction enzymes

  • See Figure 1: First Plasmid Model

September 23, 2013

First skype meeting with Dr. Zahorchak

Remove inverter from the plasmid