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Welcome to our wiki

We are high school students at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus, a team with juniors and seniors working together. What made us a team was our passion for science, we all wanted to innovate, to create, to surprise and engine something useful. Our goal is to prove that if you plan on doing something, no matter what, you can achieve it with the right focus.

Biodetection of Anoxia in Lake Xochimilco

Lake Xochimilco in Mexico City faces a condition of extreme pollution which endangers the endemic species; many of which are nearing extinction. Oxygen levels depletion in the lake directly affect the fauna, making it less hospitable or even deadly. Our goal is to produce a biosensor that can easily and inexpensively detect anoxia in different regions of the lake. Using an oxygen promoter in addition with the biological markers RFP and GFP we could theoretically detect low dissolved oxygen levels in water samples. In addition, we intend to use a second construct with an Iron promoter to detect iron concentrations that also endanger the sustainability of living organisms in the lake. Once we identify critical regions of the Lake, our report could incentivize the Civil Council and authorities to propose concrete legal initiatives to reduce pollution in the identified areas and start remediation campaigns.