CoBRA wiki

  The Cochrane Bio-Researchers in Action (CoBRA) is a team of smart and dedicated students passionate about science with the goal to not only make a difference in the scientific community but to solve problems that affect our own community. Our team, with the support of local companies, uses synthetic biology to come up with clever and effective solutions for problems that have had a huge impact on our community.

      Katrina Berube
(Wet Lab/Human Practice)

Lauren Van Dyke
    (Wet Lab)

Autumn Bernard
    (Wet Lab)

Katie Goetjen
  (Visual Arts)

Rhett Devlin
   (Wet Lab)

    Kristian Smits
(Wet Lab/Visual arts)

    Joao Moraes
(Wiki Page/Wet Lab)

Richard Lee
  (Wet Lab)

Jacob Rovere
  (Wet Lab)

Cassandra Bourcher
      (Visual Arts)

    Adam Sibbald

(Wet Lab /Human Practice

Ben Luft
(Wet Lab)

Marius Anastasiu

(Human Practice/Business)

Matthew Pipa
    (Wet Lab)

Kayla Sage
  (Wet lab)

    Edith Henneberg

    Jim Reilly &
Stephanie Bennett