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Children's Booksmith

We are here to turn your childrenâ€ story into a great-looking children's book. If you are a self-publisher seeking a visual soulmate for your manuscript, here we are.

Create Children's Books with us

You Have a Dream

We Have a Dream

You wrote a beautiful story. You wish to transform it to a great-looking children's book. All you need is a magic wand. But it's not easy to find a magic wand nowadays. So if you don't have one, donâ€ worry.

We do.


Tadaa helps you for your self published book.

We love children's books.
We love to make children's books. We make lovely children's books. We think it's kinda magic. We want to bring your story to life with our magic.

How it works


To create your book with us, here is what youâ€l need:


- Your manuscript. Edited or to be edited.

- Our talent. Take your pick from the Styles page.

- A bit of time. Seriously, just a bit.

- A bit of a budget. How big a bit? Well… that depends on your dream.

- Entertainment. Something to keep you from twiddling your thumbs while the magic happens.


Your manuscript has just been turned into a good-looking children's book.
We've provided you with a print-ready PDF.

After that, you can go ahead on your own, or you can ask us for additional services.
This part is not really magic, but we can:


- Put your book on Amazon

- Create e-books for different devices

- Make a trailer video

- Create a web page to let the world know about your book



Here, you can pick your favorite illustration style. Prices are different for each style. Fewer stars(*) mean a smaller price, but a smaller price doesn't mean bad illustrations. It's just about how much time they take.
Your story knows which one is the best match with itself. If you can not decide what your story is telling you, ask us to take a look.


You can also request illustrated sample pages to see which one is the best match for your book.

















































Who We Are

Tadaa is a team of illustrators, designers, editors, and developers from different parts of the world. We live in the Internet. In Amazon, Dropbox, Google, Twitter, you name it. Most of us, except the editors, speak a language other than English as our mother tongue. That means sometimes funny language mistakes can happen in our emails. Just enjoy them! And enjoy working with a person from a different cultural background. We believe that sharing a process, like creating a book, in a multicultural team gives a different perspective to the product. Just be sure to let us know if you see a weird power socket in illustrations!



  • Are you a publisher?

    No, we're booksmiths; we don't publish books. We can help you with the self-publishing process, though. And if you are self-publishing, you're the publisher. Wow!

  • What does it cost to create my book? How long does it take?

    We don't know yet. Time and budget depend on every little detail that you desire. Let's talk about it!

  • I have a tiny budget for this book. But I can pay royalties. Does that count?

    Nope, sorry. If you sell great and make billions, you wonâ€ want to give us royalties anyway! And we need to pay our talented magic team in advance, not with royalties.

  • I have tons of money. Can I hire your most expensive illustrator?

    Sure. But you don't want to do that. It's not about your money, it's about the soul of your story. Every story has a different soul and it needs a perfectly matched illustration style. So we need to decide the illustration style according to your story, not your wallet.

  • I have illustrations as well. Can you just put the book together for me?

    If we like the illustrations, yes. But we don't want to give a birth to a book that doesnâ€ suit our aesthetic style.

  • How will I receive files?

    Via Dropbox, Creative Cloud, G-Drive, or ftp.

  • What if I don't like the finished book?

    Of course you won't like it. You will love it! If you don't like something, that means it isnâ€ finished yet.

  • Where are you located?

    We live in the Internet. In Amazon, Dropbox, Google, Twitter. We are wherever you are. Our founders currently live in Australia.

  • I love one of your illustration styles, but I want to use it for something else, not for a book. Is that possible?

    Of course. Just tell us what you need.

  • I work for a publishing house and I want to use one of your illustrators. Can I?

    Let's talk about that. We like making friends who do what we love to do.

  • I am an illustrator. Can I join you?

    Why not? Write to us and show us what youâ€e got!

  • I really like you guys, but I don't have a story yet. What should I do now?

    Write a story! Maybe two!

  • Are these questions really frequently asked to you?

    No, we made them up, of course. But if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Why not contact us? Here you go.

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