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April 11th, 2014

John Grammer

Transformation with DNA generated with ligation on 3-28-14. Followed protocol on pages 19-20 to step #10

Alli Ambrosini, Lauren Ewell

Performed the transformation efficiencies kit sent by iGEM, to see how well out competent cells could transform the DNA. Five different concentrations of DNA- .5uL, 5uL, 10uL, 25uL, and 50uL were used. Expecting to see at least some red cells in the 50uL plates, and possibly none in our .5uL plates.

Becky Wilbur

Plated transformed cells after their 2 hours in the incubator. Followed steps 11 and 12 on page 20.

Becky Wilbur

Plated transformed cells from transformation efficiency kit. Followed step #7 on page 29.