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March 28th, 2014

Jessica Prax, John Grammer, Nick Keen, Alli Ambrosini


Jess and John: Added 1 microliter of T4 DNA ligase instead of 5 microliters. The rest of the procedure is the same as Nick and Allis’ procedure, but with IGEM’s parts A and B, and plus the ligation control steps (look at IGEM packet page 18 steps 3, 4 and 5)

Nick and Alli: Performed the same procedure as Jess and John, without the Ligation control and with the parts A and B that were made before. - The mixture was pSB1C3, the Part A and Part B that were made at the Renaissance Lab, T4 Dna Ligase, and T4 ligase reaction buffer. - Incubated this mixture at 16 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, then at 80 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.