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Attributions - TAS Taipei iGEM Wiki


Project Head - Rohan Sinha

Human Practice Head - Andy Wang

Experimental Head - Phillip Teng

Modeling Head - Edward Hsieh

Wiki Head - Brian Winters

Administrator - Rachel Kwak

All lab work, with exception of mammalian transfections, was completed at the Taipei American School Sandy R. Puckett Memorial Research Laboratory.

All modeling, experimental, wiki and human practice work was completed by the students of the 2014 TAS iGEM team.

Mammalian transfections were completed at National Yang-Ming University under the supervision of graduate student Roy Wu in the lab of Dr. Wen-Long Cho, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Department of Tropical Medicine.

Modeling advice and instruction was provided by Chih-Hsien Yang of National Yang-Ming University and Mr. Leo Lopez, advanced mathematics instructor at Taipei American School.

Special thanks to the following people. Without their support, none of this would have been possible.

Dr. Sharon Hennessy, TAS Superintendent
Dr. Richard Hartzell, TAS Upper School Principal
Friends of TAS
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor

We are eternally thankful for the help, advice and guidance of Dr. Chuan-Hsiung Chang, Dr. Wan-Chun Li and the NYMU iGEM team.

A huge thank you to our collaborators and sponsors.