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There are 17 students and 3 instructors in our team. Their personal information is given here:

Name Photo Self-intro Work
Qian Yuhan
Qian Yuhan.JPG Yuhan Qian, a senior 2 student, is a member of the Experiment Group who has learnt about Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics herself. According to what she said, although staying in the laboratory with the equipment was delightful, learning the theories was also essential for speculating the possible results, analyzing the phenomena and finding the factors that can lead to failures. team leader, experiment group member
Wang You
Wang You meizhaopian.JPG You Wang,now a senior 2 student, has learned the expansive possibility of synthetic biology to faciliate human life since senior 1.Amazed and enchanted by the magic of it, she attends iGem with great passion, exploring more surprise and potential in this field.In SZMS iGem Team, she exercises herself by contacting head quaters, searching for parts, designing plasmid and doing experiments.To build communication with other iGem Teams, she also attend the iGem meeting in Hongkong. "iGem is not only a competition", smilingly comments she,"It's a impressively memorable lesson." experiment, human practice, theory
Lin Jingfei
Lin Jingfei at SZMS.jpg Lin Jingfei, a senior one student in Shenzhen Middle School, finds her great interest in synthetic biology. After participating the Human Practice Group, she helped make the advertisement pamphlet and posters. She also helped the group leader, Jing, instruct the visitors on the Open Day of the Laboratory. Believing that the art and science can be combined together, she is trying to contribute more and more for the 2014 SZMS Team. human practice
Pan Sixuan
Pan Sixuan at SZMS.jpg Sixuan is a sophomore student and a member of the Theory group for SZMS iGEM Team. Motivated by an interest of chemistry and molecular biology, she helped plan and visualize the plasmid by using Snapgene. Almost drawn herself in published papers and DNA sequences, she fortunately did not get blind but managed to build the model that fits our objective. With good skills for communication, she went to Dalian for the BIT’s 5th Genome Day and promoted our project there by presenting our posters. “By gradually accessing to the field of genetic research, I perceived the possibility of making miracles through genome studies,” She said. Theory group member, responsible for researching the theoretical construction of our project, plasmid planning and visualization, promoting our project on BIT’s 5th Genome Day and project presentation
Cai Peiwen
PeiwenCaiProfilePic.JPG Peiwen Cai, a disguised senior 2, has delayed her high school life for one more year because of her exchange year in Germany, where she had totally set her mind free and lived wildly. Under such an circumstance, she discovered that her enthusiasm was never for advertising or political campaign but for biomed. This lifechanging discovery has motivated her to join SZMS iGem team and led her ever since then into the track of biomed. Challenge never tears her down but builds up her sense of humor.To crack down the human neuro-dilemmas with medicine is one of her two lifelong goals, the other one of which is to be a lobbyist. Former theory group member, mainly in math model group and wiki group.Tech girl working for the team.
Zheng Bingmiao
Zheng Bingmiao at SZMS.JPG Bingmiao Zheng is a senior one student from Shenzhen Middle School. Bingmiao is interested in biology and design, so she chooses to be a member of Human Practice of our project, Plant-Sitter, for the 2014th iGEM competition. She helped Jing make the hand-made poster for BIT's Genome Day and do some publicity, like the Open Day of the laboratory.
Zhang Yang
Zhang Yang at SZMS.JPG This man, who is a senior two student, attended the BIT’s 5th Genome Day to introduce our team to those people who attended this international meeting. Some professors from America and China show high interest in our project. Zhang Yang likes experiments a lot. It just like that he is always in the laboratory. He does learn a lot through this competition. He takes part in almost all parts of the team except the building of the model.
Jing Yufei
Jing Yufei.jpg Yufei Jing is a senior two student from Experimental Curriculum, Shenzhen Middle School. She love biology because it is a subject with many unknowns, that makes her full of curiosity. She is the leader of the Human Practice Group, arrange the activities of this group and also draw many illustrations for our project.
Zhou Yineng
Zhou Yineng at SZMS.JPG Zhou Yineng is a senior one student from Standard Curriculum, Shenzhen Middle School. As a biology lover, he spent a lot of time in the laboratory, which helps him gain a lot of experience of experiment, and as a result, he has become one of team members who have done a complete cycle including digestion, electrophoresis, gel extraction, combination and transformation, although he even didn't know what transcription means at first. human practice, experiment, wiki.
Feng Yanming
Feng Yanming.jpg Feng Yanming(Danny Feng) , a senior-two student from Shenzhen Hgih School of Science(HSS). He is the Vice-President of Students’ Union and the President of IT Club in the School. He is keen on computer science, web designing, programming and viedo making(Included Viedo clipping&making special effect by using AE.) “A lof of my classmates asked me why I’m good at computer, I just told them, the curiosity is the best teacher of learning.” He said, "It's a whole new chance&chanllenge for me to attend the iGem competition. I love biology, but I don't know much about the experiment of molecular biology before. " When Danny came to the lab for the first time, he even didn't know how to use the pipettor. But he worked hard, and made a big progress."It's really a valuable experience for me. I've studied a lot during the experiment, and I really enjoyed the time I stayed with my team members, they are very friendly to me." Web designing,video making,human practice
Yan Ming
Yan Ming at SZMS.jpg Ming Yan, one of the senior one students in SMS IGEM team, finds her interest in biology after going through the whole process of the IGEM competition. She has met many excellent people (including her teachers, teammates, and many students who are also interested in synthetic biology) because of participating the competition. She enjoys the competition every much. experiment
Yang Hongkang
Yang Hongkang.png Yang Hongkang is a senior one students and a member of SZMS iGEM Team’s theory group. Having an interest in biochemistry and mathematics, and a career expectation in mathematical and theoretical biology, he participated in iGEM competition as to take a step toward his goal. With the passion for his work, he designed the key reactions of the exothermic system, established the early program of the enzyme engineering, and participated in the math-modelling of the project. Theory group member, responsible for the constructing of the chemical reactions and mathematical model.
Chen Qingyi
Chen Qingyi.png Qingyi Chen, a senior 3 student in Shenzhen middle school, has strong propensity toward biology and statistics which are the fundamental consists of the society. She is very ambitious and motivate to the tasks. Having virtue of tenacity and inquisitive, She is always curious about the truth and dedicates in solving problem. For her, biology is very amazing world which construct creatures. The complex structure of protein and the beauty of plants always draw her passion. Hoping to discovery further about biology, she always stays hungry to learn more about biology. Theoretical member. She helps the team to find out innovative ideas and research the feasibility of specific ideas.
Wang Zhaobo
Wang Zhaobo.JPG Wang Zhaobo is a senior 1 student in Shenzhen Middle School. He is an important member of Human Practice who is interested in Biology. Also he is a member of Shenzhen Photographs Alliance and he becomes an awesome cameraman in our iGEM. “Delighting you always” he always photograph
Yang Yuwei
Yang Yuwei meizhaopian.JPG Yuwei is a senior two student who is dedicated into bio-medical engineering and psychology from the International Curriculum from Shenzhen Middle School. As a member of human practice group for the 2014th SZMS iGem Team, she believes that the creativity and imagination which are mostly demonstrated in art work can also be applied into the fantastic micro cellular world. For improving human's living condition and deepening the research in diseases or creatures, she steadfastly intends to go far in bio-med and psychology fields. " People are DNA's way of making more DNA", she believes that one day the secrets of nature will be exposed and hopefully she will become one of those "precursors". Human practice group member, responsible for propagandizing the project and publicity such as opening lectures with teammates in other schools. She also takes charge of organizing the team trip plan during the competition days and contacting with the committee for the invitation letters, etc.
Xiao Linfan
Xiao Linfan at SZMS.JPG Linfan XIAO has been nurturing her interest in life science since kindergarten age (actually it was derived from music and wildlife conservation, but that's another story). She has placed her focus on biomed, chemistry, zoology, and is now on her hitchhiking journey to the amazing galaxy of synthetic biology. In both her argumentative essays and her life, she firmly holds that the art and science of this vigorous field will prosper and thrive, contributing to the future advancement of humanity. Theory group leader, responsible for organizing the project's theoretical construction, plasmid design, and experiment plan.
Ye Ziyun
Ye Ziyun at SZMS.jpg Ziyun Ye, a senior two student from Shenzhen Middle School, is interested in biology especially the application of biological technology. In the “Plant Sitter” project for 2014 IGEM, he takes part in plasmid construction. Although he had no experience of experiment of molecular biologybefore 2014, he tried a lot and soon got skills of simple experiment. “Just try more,” he said. experiment
Liu Chenxi
Liu Chenxi at SZMS.jpg Chenxi Liu, a senior two student in Shenzhen Middle School, has participated in biological study for years. Being enthusiastic on biology in younger age, she actively practices biological engineering with her teammates. In the theory group and experiment group, she works hard cooperates with others well. She believes that biological engineering is an interesting subject worth life time of hard work and research. Theory group, experiment group