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Find more photos here:[[Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Gallery]]!
Find more photos here:[[Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Gallery]]!
==More Info==
==More Info==

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Welcome to homepage of Team:Shenzhen SZMS! Our project is called E. coli Plant-sitter.



Shenzhen Middle School (深圳中学 Shēn Zhèn Zhōng Xué) is an high school in Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong ever since 1947. In December 2013, a group of 17 SZMS students who have enthusiasm in biology were gathered together in the little yet omnipotent lab on campus; ever since then, this team of 17, Shenzhen SZMS has been established.


Hey here! Check out our 17 members!Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Team Members.


Our project is to create an “E. coli Plant-sitter” that achieves smart maintenance of healthy plant growth through the application of synthetic biology to temperature moderation, which can be applied to either hothouse cultivation on Earth or the Human Migration Program on MARS.

Read more:Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Project


Wanna find more about how we bulid our plasmid? Check here:Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Lab
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We bulit a model to estimate how the enzyme works. Check here:Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Modelling


Check our answers to the Safety Questions here:Team:Shenzhen SZMS/iGem Safety Q&A

Human Practice


Come and meet the friend of our E.coli babysitter, E.coli the Fluorescent!

Sincere greeting from the iGem lab in Shenzhen Middle School!

Since all of our E.coli the Fluorescent are brilliant in both languages, the fourth group of them are advertising for their friend, E.coli Plant-sitter: "The soulmate of plant, E.coli babysitter hug you warm and give you heat all the time."

Our human practice plan includes:

  1. Take part in BIT's 5th World Annual World DNA and Genome Day in Dalian from April 25 to 28, 2014.
    Details:Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Human Practice/BIT's 5th World DNA and Genome Day
  2. Open our laboratory and invite students in our school to come and experience what we usually do, such as agarose gel electrophoresis.
    Details:Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Human Practice/Laboratory Open Day
  3. Hold lectures at junior high schools in Shenzhen to encourage junior high school students to love biology.
    Details:Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Human Practice/Lectures


Theme song for our project called E.coli Plant-sitter heals the world! A song that always arises in our minds whenever we think of iGem :)

Find more photos here:Team:Shenzhen SZMS/Gallery!

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