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Advisor and Instructor Support

All research work was performed by the students of the Central Memorial iGEM team. Our teachers and advisors contributed support and ideas to the students and facilitated a safe and efficient laboratory environment. Special thanks to Dr. Ankush Garg, whose experience in genetics facilitated the evolution of our research. And thanks to Mr. Klemmer for his supervision over all our experiments and labwork. Thanks to Ms. Wyshynski securing our trip to Boston by getting our forms in order and gathering finances for us. Lastly, we would like to acknowledge Ms. Muhammad for her expertise in biology and her assistance with our wetlab preparations

Outside of Central Memorial Research and Technical Support

We would like to thank and acknowledge the support of various individuals for their support. This includes Mr. David Lloyd's contributions and feedback and just overall guidance on the format of our wiki, our presentation, and reviewing our human practice procedures. Thanks to Ms. Himika Dastidar for contributing her time to listen to our competition presentation in depth and giving us advice on what we can do better. Similarly, thanks to Ms.Lisa Oberding for providing us with SBOL and figure support. Special thanks Kim Willoughby for her expertise and support in our research as she is a microbiologist. Special thanks also to Mr. Patrick Wu for all his advice he gave us in creating our wiki; not to mention the fact that he always responded to our requests as quickly as possible.