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Lion IGEM 2014 - The Fracking Run-Off Detector Project Phillips Exeter Academy

The Team

Christina Savvides
Christina Savvides is an 11th grader at PEA from Shaker Heights, Ohio, and the student team leader of Exeter's iGEM team. She has been fascinated with biology and experimentation from a young age with mosquitoes’ larvae and crayfish as common subjects of study in her homemade basement lab. While taking AP Biology three years ago, her interest turned to molecular genetics.
Alex Song
Alex is a member of the Phillips Exeter Academy Class of 2015 from Waterloo, Canada. He became interested in biology through computer programming, being introduced to the field through a seminar on computational biology. He then took a full-year high school biology course, which gave him a broader view of the study of biology with laboratory methods. He aspires to be an applied mathematician.
Charis Edwards
Charis Edwards is a 14 year old from Duluth, Minnesota. She has a special interest in studying drug-resistant bacterial infection and would like to work to decrease stigma and increase education about disease, medical care and hygiene in the Middle East, after graduate school.
Cat O'Donnell
Cat is a lover of cats and clunky centrifuges. She hails from Alaska, where she spends her time skiing and wrestling bears. She is a firm believer that what can go wrong will go wrong, but that has given her a special skill in creating contingency plans. She one day hopes to take over the world using fracking runoff detecting e. coli cells.
Reginald Lamaute
Reginald Lamaute is a sophomore from Chapel Hill, NC. After he was diagnosed with a rare esophageal disorder, he intrigued by descriptions of his own disorder and soon started reading more texts on physiology and neurology as well. After that, he was accidentally put on a Science Olympiad team in seventh grade and fell in love with biology. He eventually hopes to join Doctors Without Borders.
Melody Nguyen
Melody is a sophomore at PEA from Vietnam. She enjoys fumbling on the piano, working in the lab (for iGEM), socializing with friends, and community service. When she's not overloaded with work, she spends her downtime either sleeping or drinking a cup of matcha green tea while browsing the internet. She's looking forwards to pursuing a career in medicine.
Connie Cai
Connie Cai is a current ninth grader at PEA. She loves biology because of its ability to explain our origins, and how everything came to be. Other than reading about biology, she loves to play tennis, violin, piano, and she listen to music. She hopes that she can continue to do iGEM throughout her years and continue to grow as a scientist and biologist and be able to conduct more fascinating experiments.
Janice Chung
Janice Chung, an upper at PEA, is excited to join the iGEM experience. She has always had a deep interest in the sciences and is delighted to work in the lab. Outside of iGEM, she enjoys playing violin, golfing, skiing, and painting.

A special thanks to Mr. Janicki for advising and mentoring Exeter's iGEM team, and to Ms. Rotondo for research support!