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Below is a timeline of major events; but, it does not include descriptions of all the other hours of work that has been put into this project. If you wish to see a log of all other work conducted you can view the google doc by clicking here (add hyperlink to google doc when we are done logging work so we can change settings from “everyone with link can edit” to “everyone with link can view”.

April 7th

Today, many of the team members were busy volunteering at our school's hot dog sale. the students that remained worked on fundraising and human practices. We also discussed finishing our website biographies and finding a new design for our incubator/skaker-table.

April 4th

This Friday, team members came together to create a project plan for ethics and human practices. Work was also done on our incubator/shaker-table, and Mrs.Puurunen VROC-ed, Magda Pop, one of our mentors.

March 31st

This meeting begun with determining who could help in the lab Friday after school. However, most of it was spent split up into different groups. These groups include ethics, fundraising, building, and wiki.

March 24th

Started by discussing progress on setting up our lab and when we should begin lab work. After this broke up into different groups for ethics, protocols, building, and fundraising.

March 21st

The meeting this Friday consisted of: making a lab notebook template, working with out PCR machine, writing a draft e-mail to send to ethics board members, learning how to use the autoclave, contacting companies to print a poster for the jamboree. contacting our geekstarter mentors, working on an incubator shaker table, and updating our website timeline.

March 17th

This week team members split up into groups to work on different parts of the project. The different groups included ethics, lab notebook and timeline, autoclave, and a team to learn how to work our P.C.R. machine.

March 10th

During the meeting this week we were giving packages of lab protocols to read over. We also split up tasks between people interested in doing ethics work.

March 7th

This week, we had an extra meeting Friday after school in order for us to write a project description. During this meeting team members also worked on building equipment for our lab, as well as starting work for the ethics part of our project.

March 3rd

This meeting was very important since we finally decided on a project to pursue: a heat activated biosensor.

February 24th

Coming back from a week break from school, the team’s task for the week was to evaluate each project idea .

February 10th

At this team meeting, team members were reminded to continue research for the following week. We decided upon this since we did not have enough information to make a decision on a project yet.

February 3rd

During this team meeting we split up into groups for researching the different project ideas throughout the week. Research for the project ideas includes finding past iGEM teams that have done something similar, finding biobricks related to our project, and contacting people that could help with the project.

February 2nd

This was the first workshop day we spent with our Geekstarter mentors. We were given a more in depth explanation of the science we would be applying. We were also able to try some pipetting and were taught sterilizing techniques. Lastly, we went over project ideas so far and narrowed them down to an ethanol detector, a nitrate detector and decomposer, an air freshener, and a CO detector.

January 30th

Much like the previous team meeting, most of the time was spent deciding on a project idea that our team could pursue. However, we also began team members were tasked with decided what part of the project (i.e. ethics, website, lab work, fundraising) they would rather work on.

January 20th

Throughout this team meeting we, team members, wrote down and shared ideas for a project we could pursue. This was done on a shared Google Doc that can be accessed through the hyperlink in the paragraph above this table. Our ideas filled up 2 and a half pages typed.

January 13th

Team meeting during which Mrs.Puurunen, one of the teachers helping us, gave us a 30-minute long lesson on the basics of DNA and genetic engineering. This was a very important and useful meeting since many of the team members were confused with the science we would need to apply throughout the course of this semester.

January 9th

First team meeting. It consisted mainly of finding out who would be available for a first workshop with our iGEM geekstarter mentors. and sharing ideas people had for a project.

December 23rd - January 5th

After receiving information that our team had qualified for funding, team members took time over the break to read over previous iGEM team wikis and summarize their favourite projects.

Early On

After having first been introduced to the concept of iGEM the everyone interested in the project had to write a statement of interest in order to apply for funding through Geekstarter.


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