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<style type="text/css">
#contentSub, #footer-box, #catlinks, #search-controls, #p-logo, .printfooter, .firstHeading,.visualClear {display: none;} /*-- hides default wiki settings --*/
#contentSub, #footer-box, #catlinks, #search-controls, #p-logo, .printfooter, .firstHeading,.visualClear {display: none;} /*-- hides default wiki settings --*/
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#p-logo {display:none}
#p-logo {display:none}
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#menubar {top: -35px; font-size: 65%}
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#search-controls {display : none}

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 Dilara SOYLU                        

Age that I feel: 40+
Age: 17 

Favourite lab activity/equipment: Electrophoresis, centrifuge

Favourite bacteria: Pseudomonas Syringae 

Message to E.coli: I still carry the massive loan of accidentally killing some of my E.coli comrades. Every single day I feel the regret of my past mistakes. I hope one day I would be forgiven and achieve to save my comrades from these evil Homo Sapiens. 


If I were to be a bacterium I would: invade the iGemists' bodies as a sign of the rebellion of bacteria race. Bacteriaism live long! 

Responsibilities in the team: I am responsible for organizing the team, working on project topic and writing some of the wiki texts. 

Future plans: Being a nice person able to make people happy and being a part of the change I want to see, introducing the importance and significance of self-education, owning a public library consists from the books I have finished. 

Place I want to see: Middle Earth

Message to the universe: If we had a tea party with six billion people on the world in a garden, there wouldn't be any war at all. 


Mariye EROL

Age: 17 
Favourite lab activity/equipment: Electrophoresis, pipette
Favourite bacteria: Deinococcus radiodurans
Message to E.coli: E-coli! I am really curious about your taste. I hope I would be able to learn :(
If I were to be a bacterium I would: work hard in NGSS_TR’s experiments and help them to reveal accurate results.
Responsibilities in the team: Lab staff, master of visual modelling
Future plans: Being a person that can help everyone, visiting lots of place and meeting different kinds of people.
Place I want to see: I haven't thought much about the place I would like to see; because it doesn't matter to me. I would like to meet different kinds of people while travelling through different places.
Message to the universe:
In generosity and helping others,
be like the river.
In compassion and grace,
be like the sun.
In concealing others’ faults
be like a night.
In anger and fury
be like the dead.
In modesty and humility
be like the soil.
In tolerance
be like the ocean.
Either you appear as you are or
Be as you appear.