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#contentSub, #footer-box, #catlinks, #search-controls, #p-logo, .printfooter, .firstHeading,.visualClear {display: none;} /*-- hides default wiki settings --*/
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    All of us work hard for iGEM 2014. Our particular thanks go to the esteemed people and foundations behind the scenes, very special thanks go to:

    …Atlantik Educational Institute for being our lovely school and for giving us such opportunities;

    …Erol Çalıkoğlu and Mustafa Gülebaş for their support;

    …Turgut Ozal University for providing their labs and other facilities for us, especially Assoc. Prof. Esra Gündüz who was ready at anytime to support us;

    …Genovis, for providing SpeB protease and Sylvia Koivunen who was lovely company staff;

    …Sentegen for helping us to provide our genes;

    …Our advisors: Fatma Betül Çevik -the most eager iGem advisor- and Esin Demir who were always with us;

    …Muradiye Acar, Burak Yılmaz, Fazilet Yılmaz, Gökhan Nas, Ömer Faruk Hatipoğlu for their helps to our Project and thanks to genetic students for their helps on our experiments;

    ...Otolaryngologist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gül Müge ÖZCAN, pediatrician Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatmanur ÇAKMAK and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurcan BAYKAM; for helping us to shoot a documentary on our project;

    …Members of Paris iGem team for helping us to fix some problems we faced while designing the wiki;

    …Zeynep Bakır, for her modeling works;

    …Zeynep Asude Akca, for her modeling works and helps in experiments;

    …Verda Kılınç, for in experiments to help and her Photoshop works;

    …Azra Öztürk and Ümmügül  Çetin, for preparing the wiki;

    …Beril Gürdap, for doing experiments all days and nights;

    …F. Dilara Soylu, for being our coach and preparing the team game;

    …Mariye Erol, for helping the experiments and her visual modelling works;

    …Şevval Şimşir, for Human practices works;

    …Our instructor Gaye Arabacı for her supports;

    We especially want to thank to followings:
    …our experiment materials for not being contaminated,
    …Macunköy Subway for always being there to help our transportation,
    …Turgut Özal University's cafeteria,
    …Our computers for helping us since the beginning,
    …Campbell Biology Book for helping us to learn about genetics,
    …Azra, Asude, Verda and Beril for humiliating themselves in our Vine videos,
    …Music for cheering  us up whenever we're feeling desperate and sad;

    There is also one more group of people that we want to thank. They were supporting us in our desperative times. Our parents! Especially to Verda’s father for finding us sponsorship for registration fee, Asude’s father for giving us cool notebooks, Dilara’s mom Özlem Soylu and Beril’s mom for letting us to use her credit card.