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Our Team

The Montgomery iGEM team is a relatively young team, comprised of mostly juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. What we lack in seniority, we make up for in passion and dedication! When starting up, our club divided members into different sectors, which would function together like a well oiled machine. The four sectors in which members specialized were Research and Development, Operations, Tech, and Public Relations. As our very first year as a team progressed, we discovered that having all members contribute to each sector equally was far more successful than restricting each individual to only one.


Cindy Fan.jpg

Cindy Fan
Class of 2015
Leader of Operations

Susan Liu.jpg

Susan Liu
Class of 2015

Robert Dembinski.jpg

Robert Dembinski
Class of 2015
Vice President

Vivian Hu.jpg

Vivian Hu
Class of 2015
Leader of R&D

Emily Ma.jpg

Emily Ma
Class of 2015

Chris Resch.jpg

Chris Resch

Sarah Oh.jpg

Sarah Oh
Class of 2015

Casey Chow.jpg

Casey Chow
Class of 2015
Systems Manager

Lucy Zhang.jpg

Lucy Zhang
Class of 2015

Avinash Poola.jpg

Avinash Poola
Class of 2015
Community Liaison

Ankit Shah.jpg

Ankit Shah
Class of 2016
UC Representative

Joanna Li.jpg

Joanna Li
Class of 2016
UC Representative

Gavin Kuziel.jpg

Gavin Kuziel
Class of 2013
College Advisor


R&D Operations Public Relations Tech
Yuan He Kevin Shen Matt Durik Jonathan Baptiste
Neha Chhugani Sushil Bhandaru Tiffany Lin Abhinav Gurrala
Dylan Lynch Yesh Datar Shannon Lu David Fan
Pankti Kothari Ankur Metha
Bhargav Vemulapalli Shawn Bhattacharya
Mayank Kishore Nikhil Maganti
Ian Lee Srikar Tallavajala
Pranav Reddy Murray Chen
Tejas Jha
Mritika Contractor
Junlan Lu
Aditya Mehta
Avinash Boppana
Aman Kishore
Ritwik Sanyal


Our team is readily available at [].