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Lambert iGEM Human Practices (Outreach)

Lambert iGEM Human Practices (Outreach)

NGF Tutoring:


Whitlow Elemtary:

As part of iGEM’s goal to expand the ideas of biotechnology in the community, a group of iGEM students participated at the annual STEM Night at Whitlow Elementary. Here a diverse collection of subjects were discussed and iGEM was able to demonstrate common biotechnology applications to young children. The children were amazed and demonstrated curiosity in the synthetic biotechnology field. We demonstrated how a micropipette is used and the miniscule volume that is measured by them. Furthermore, a gel electrophoresis was set up to show some of the unique apparatus we work with. The parents were able to gain an understanding of the objectives of iGEM. In addition, iGEM garnered recognition in the community for a well-developed club that was able to accomplish admirable feats in just a year of its inauguration.

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