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Tell us about your team, your school!

The Lambert High School iGem Team was first started in 2013 by Mrs.Standeven... (Insert rest of information)

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Show us how you spent your days.

Methods 1

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What did you achieve over the course of your semester?

Future Work


- All team members were trained in appropriate techniques for dealing with cell culture, recombinant DNA, and general lab safety.

- All lab procedures were done under the supervision of the instructors.

- All experiments with recombinant DNA were approved by Dr. Mark Styczynski from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

- All disposal of lab waste was treated in accordance with the MSDS or appropriate sterilization of biohazards.

Human Practices

What impact does/will your project have on the public?


Our thanks goes out to:

- Dr. Mark Styczynski

- Georgia Institute of Technology and his Team

- The NSF grant #1254382

- New England Biolabs and Chris Cook

- Chik fila Johnā€™s Creek

- Lambert High School and Principal Dr. Gary Davison

- The Ge Family

- Jaemor Farms

- Northside Hospital Forsyth

- and III Below Films.

The Lambert High School iGem team would've never have gotten this far without all of their help and support.


What was your favorite team snack?? Have a picture of your team mascot?

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