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Public Awareness

This year the Frederick High Bioengineering Club is not only on the fast track to Boston but also to recognition. Purely through word of mouth Maryland Senator Ben Cardin came to Frederick High to visit with the group.

The team presented their research on biofuel cells from the previous years, explained in detail why they won their division at last year's Frederick County science fair, and described what they were currently working on.

Thanks to Senator Cardin's interest in our budding iGEM team, we received some local news coverage. Given this opportunity, the team members took the time to also highlight the importance of STEM, expressing how STEM programs such as AP Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Calculus were great opportunities for students to get their feet wet and explore STEM.

This media coverage provoked the local Career and Technology center at Frederick Community College to consider making their own iGEM teams with the aid of the non profit organization created by team mentors Mark Trice, Dave Rozak, and Gary Lopez.

The Frederick News Posts covered Senator Cardin's time with the iGEMs group.


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