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KyleA.jpg Kyle Andrushko is an Eagle scout on the road to becoming an optometrist. Having recently graduated from Frederick High school, Kyle is planning on attending UMBC for his undergraduate degree with a major in biology and a minor in business. John's Hopkins medical school will be his next step after taking the OAT. Kyle will be participating in the iGEMs competition in Boston this summer. He has just finished up his first year of iGEMs and has gained expertise in the concepts of the NirB promoter gene.
DillonK.jpg Dillon Kestner is a Frederick High School graduate who has been inspired by the iGEMs club as well as his mentors Mark Trice and Dave Rozak to pursue a career in neuroscience. He plans to attend a local community college in order to continue being involved in his high school's iGEMs club and mentor future participants before transferring to Muhlenberg College to acquire a doctorate in neuroscience. Dillon specialized in the 3A assembly process for his group. Dillon looks ahead to the trip to Boston and seeing his group's work pay off as well as all the work put in by groups from all over the world.
JonathonS.jpg Jonathon Soward is an 18 year-old who loves the study of life. Jonathon attributes his love of STEM to a string of inspiring STEM teachers at his school, including Mark Trice, Shelley Miller, and Joyce Tuten. His teachers, as well as his diligence and work ethic, has enabled him to decide upon pursuing a degree in both dentistry and microbiology. Jonathon has been a member of the iGEM team at Frederick High School for the past two years. He has also become resident expert in the light, oxygen, and voltage sensor protein(LOV). Jonathon's nickname is "master pipettor" because of his amazing pipetting skills!
AlanN.jpg Alan Nguyen is a recent graduate of Frederick High School and incoming Freshman to Mount St. Mary's University. Alan has taken an interest in biology and its many forms. This interest has given him the drive to pursue a career in medicine, a choice that he wouldn't have made without his AP Biology teacher, Mr. Trice's inspiration. A two year veteran of the iGEM group, Alan is excited to see the fruits of his group's labor as it unfolds at the iGEMS competition held at MIT. He's specialized himself in microbial fuel cells and now has a fuller understanding of his group's experiments.
MarkT.jpg Mark Trice is a teacher at Frederick High School, where he teachers classes such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Advanced Placement Biology. He also serves as the vice president on the board for the nonprofit organization, Ars Biotechnica. Mark has worked with his iGEM club for two years and is so excited to see this project come to fruition.
DaveR.jpg David Rozak is a research scientist at the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases and a founding director of the nonprofit organization, Ars Biotechnica, Inc. Dave has been working with the Frederick High School Bioengineering Club for two years and served as an advisor to our iGEM team.
GaryL.jpg Gary Lopezis an original founding member of the Frederick High Bioengineering Club. He graduated from Fredrick High School (with more accolades than are imaginable) and has transitioned to becoming a Hood College student. He has also taken the huge leap from curios member to knowledgeable mentor. His future goals include working in the biotechnology field, achieving a double major in biochemistry and computer science, and eventually owning your own biotechnology company.

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